Thursday, November 10, 2011

Life happens....

Ilmoittanen vain, että parisuhteeni juuri päättyi - ja tällä kertaa se taitaa olla lopullista.
Jatkan blogaamista kun olen saanut itseni paremmin yli erosta..
Rakkaus ei aina näemmä riitä.
(Just telling that my relationship ended and now it really was a final decision.
I will continue blogging when I get better over our broke up...
Love apparently isn't enough.)


  1. my dear, I'm so sorry to hear that. And though you might not believe it at the moment, but time does heal all the wounds. Hope you feel better soon. I really like your blog.

  2. Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear that. Breakups are the worst, but here's hoping your heart mends soon! :)

  3. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you'll feel better soon. Lots of hugs and kisess XXX

  4. Sorry to hear this, Sara. sending you lots of hugs and good vibes. xxx

  5. :(
    IHANA bloki ja sun vaateet on hienoi <3333

  6. oh Sara I wish I could forward you in time so that it doesn't hurt anymore. I always feel the end of a relationship needs a period of mourning whether it is a friendship or a romantic relationship. I wish you every happiness and I want you to know you can talk to us about it if you need to. You're a wonderful person and you deserve someone who knows that!

    Emma x


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