Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oksilla omenat.

Syksy tuntuu saapuvan salamyhkäisesti.
Yllättävän äkkiseltään sen huomaa, että puiden värit alkavat vaihtaa
väriä ja omenapuut ovat pullollaan herkkuja. Vaikka nämä puiston puiden yksilöt
taitavatkin olla vain ihailtaviksi tarkoitettuja.

(Translation: Autumn seems to arrive surreptitiously.
It is surprising how suddenly the leaves change colours and the apple trees
are loaded with goodies. Although these apples in the park are only meant to be admired.)


  1. Thank you for your comment! I'm glad I haven't lost all my readers with my absence from the blogosphere as a travel! I have been reading lots of blogs - but on my phone - which makes it really hard to comment!

    I love these photos. I haven't really noticed the seasons changing yet - mostly because I am still so disoriented I think!

  2. Such pretty photos!! Autumn is such a wonderful time of year!

  3. These are stunning images! Definitely the better side of autumn. x


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