Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Inspired by Anne of Green Gables and Edwardian era

Inspiroiduin kovasti kun surffailin netissä ja näin muutamia kuvia "Anne of Green Gables"
sarjasta. Hieman otin vaikutteita luodessani tätä asukokonaisuutta, eikä
se tietenkään ollut mitään ilman olkihattua.

(Translation: I got so much inspiration while I was surfing in the net, and I found
pics of "Anne of Green Gables" series. I took some influences from the costumes,
and this Anne -inspired outfit was nothing without a boater.)

Koulu sujuu oikein hyvin, mutta puoli seitsemältä herääminen tuottaa yhä vaikeuksia. 
Viikonlopuksi pääsen onneksi kotiin.

(My school is doing fine, but waking up at 6:30am is a problem.
Thank god I can go to home for the weekend.)

Pielisjoen linna (the castle of Pielisjoki)

Mitäs teille kuuluu? En ole voinut paljoa kommentteja lähetellä,
koska netti pätkii siskon koneessa niin paljon eikä se kommentointikaan toimi kunnolla. 
Mutta lukenut/selaillut muita blogeja kyllä olen!
Hauskaa loppuviikkoa!

(How are you guys doing? I am not able to send much comments for you, because the net isn't
working well at my sister's laptop and commenting doesn't work very well either.
But thank god I can at least read/browse other blogs!
Have a great end of the week!)

Yours sincerely,


  1. very nice and I must say you have a beautiful profile. :)

  2. I love Anne of Green Gables, and I can totally see the inspiration! You look lovely.


  3. you're very beautiful in this outfit,well done!

  4. I LOVE this outfit!! Everything about it is so lovely and feminine...and that hat is adorable!!!

  5. I love this outfit!! The combination of the neat, tailored suit with the dainty lace detailing is lovely. Anne Shirley is such a fun style icon; have you seen the 1934 film version? That has some incredibly adorable Edwardian-meets-'30s outfits!

  6. Sara, You have wonderful vintage style and you look beautiful! Good luck at your new school...getting up early is a pain. My daughter starts her college classes soon, also. I'm glad you stopped by on the day I had linked to you, so now you can see how your style has inspired me! Debbie

  7. OMG! First of all, love your earrings! I can not stop looking at them! I really admire all your outfit, the jabot blouse caught my attention and cameo brooch .... but the earrings ... are so so beautiful!
    Not suffer much from lifting at 6.30 in the morning ... I also think I'm up at that hour to prepare everything before going to work, so you are accompanied at the thought!

  8. Masha: Why thank you! First time someone says that about my profile:)

    Emma Robertson: So nice to hear, thank you :)

    *Katia*: Thank you Katia!

    Libby: Thank you! :)

    Dakota: I think I have seen that movie version from 1934! Loved it, and thank you!

    Debbie Baker Burns: It really was nice to hear, thank you so much! :)

    Rosy: Oh those earrings are my favourites, I think they are so pretty too! Thanks!

  9. You look amazing! coming to your blog is like coming to another era! Your style is like little piece of treasure. xx

  10. oh georgeous outfit!! I love it!! great jacket!!

  11. Sulla on muuten todella klassinen ja kaunis sivuprofiili!

  12. Oh, how lovely! "Anne of Green Gables" is a treasure trove of inspiration :)

  13. Ihana asu, ja sun tyyli on muutenkin aivan mahtava, tykkäilen kovasti :) Ja toi aamulla aikasin herääminen on ihan hirveetä, ite joudun heräämään aina kuudelta, että ehin laittautuu ja kävellä kilsan bussipysäkille seittemäksi D:

  14. I adore Anne of Green Gables, but I think you are even prettier, my dear Sara.

  15. u look amazing!! love the vintage feel to these pictures and that blouse is gorgeous!!


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