Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Rakastuin kovasti tähän keltaiseen vintagehameeseen, etenkin yhdistettynä
punaiseen huiviin. Harmi vain, että syksyisin tuppaa tuulemaan ja hameen helma nousee
korviin. Muuten ihan kiva asu - näin kotikäyttöön.
(translation: I fell in love with this yellow vintageskirt, especially worn with that red scarf.
Too bad that when it's autumn, the wind blows and not-so-good things happen with the skirt..
But I really like this outfit - but only worn inside the flat.)

Kävimme luokkani kanssa metalliromukaatopaikalla etsimässä materiaalia
työhön. Itse työhön sieltä ei löytynyt paljoa mitään, mutta muita aarteita kyllä! Mukaani
sain ottaa auton lavalle kaksi Singerin vanhaa ompelukonetta, jotka aion kunnostaa
yhdeksi koneeksi. Parempikuntoisesta puuttuu osia jotka ruosteisemmasta löytyy. Mukava projekti
tulee olemaan koulutöiden ohella! Ja sen sitten tietysti vien omaan kämppään koristukseksi
sitten kun sellaisen löydän. :)
(My class and I went to the metal landfill to search some material to our schoolworks.
I didn't find much material to my work but some other treasures yes! With me I was allowed to
take two old Singer sewing machines, which I intend to renovate to a single machine. Cleaner machine
is missing some parts which can be found from the rusty one. Nice project is waiting for me after the actual school
projects! And then I will take the machine with me to my own flat when I find one :)

Ostin vihdoinkin itselleni aurinkolasit! Nämä hassut lasit löytyi parilla eurolla.
En ole koskaan aiemmin edes pitänyt aurinkolaseja :D

(Finally I found myself sunglasses! These funny glasses cost me €2.
I have never wore sunglasses before.)

Ps: Do you like the new layout?


  1. So beautiful, my dear Sara.
    Have you try to take photos of yourself outside???

  2. Sacramento: Sure, but I am too shy to do it myself :(

  3. You need a slip to wear with the skirt! The kind that is form-fitting and not full, so even if the skirt hem flies up in the wind, your modesty is protected :)

  4. elle s'ennuie: Ah, you are right! :D

  5. I love your new lay out Sara! You look too cute in this outfit! I love this shade of red lipstick on you! You pull it off so well!

    Emma x

  6. Wow! So romantic! S'ennuie Elle is right where I live it is very windy, so I always wear a slip under my dress, it protects from prying eyes, I am happy that you painted your lips red, it totally changes the look. Now you are very pretty!

  7. You look great in a headscarf! It is the perfect casual hairstyle I think.

    Those sunglasses are fantastic. I'm much like you and find it incredibly difficult to find a pair I am happy to wear, but those suit you and your style wonderfully!

  8. gotta love the new layout! ja ihanat noi aurinkolasit, sopii sulle :)

  9. I love that skirt!! Especially with the socks and headscarf! Also, I noticed you put Edith Piaf in music you like, I'm so glad to know that someone else who's around my age likes her too!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  10. That skirt and head scarf are so pretty on you! x

  11. Thank you lovelies so much for your nice comments, they always make my day better :)

  12. You are so gorgeous <3 I love the skirt and high socks, and your head scarf is divine - I truly wish I was better at tying them!

    Lost in the Haze

  13. The new layout is nice. Love the hair tie. It's nice to see your room. It has such a girly glam look to it...very nice. Good luck on getting the sewing machine running. Hope you are having a good weekend! Debbie http://thriftygirlvintage.com

  14. I love the sunglasses, and the scarf. You are adorable!

  15. Thanks girls!

    Debbie: Thanks! It is actually my sister's room, 'cause I am living there right now :)



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