Sunday, July 3, 2011

My favourite details of our summerhouse, part 2

Minun oli tarkoitus tehdä tämä postaus jo aikapäiviä sitten, mutta
en ole muistanut/ehtinyt. Vanha kesätalomme on ulkoakin niin ihana paikka. Vaikka itikat
ovatkin kimpussa koko ajan - etenkin iltaisin - siellä on ihana tunnelma.
Auringonlaskun näkee puiden lomasta ja siitä saa upeita kuvia. En aina ole niin innoissani lähdössä sinne
 oletetun tekemisenpuutteen takia, mutta lopulta en sitä kadu, jos kamera sattuu mukaan

(Translation: I was meant to do this post days ago, but I didn't remember to do it.
Our old summerhouse is a lovely place from outside. Even though mosquitoes are teasing all the time - especially
in the evening - there's a lovely atmosphere. I can see the sundown behind the birches and get amazing
photos of it. I don't always jump for joy going to our summerhouse, because I think every
time that after all there's not much things to do. Still I don't ever regret going there, if I remember to
take the camera with me.)


  1. How gorgeous! It looks so old-fashioned and charming!!

  2. Wow! Your summer house looks so peaceful from the outside! The trees are so nice! It must be so relaxing staying there! Lovely photos, you really capture the feel of the place!


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