Sunday, May 22, 2011

Two things


Olen pitkästä aikaa selaillut vanhoja valokuvia
netistä ja olen hyvin inspiroitunut. Taas. Tähän asuun sain inspiraation
kun näin Sally Jane Vintagen postauksessa ihanan malliston Coleminosta!
Arvatkaapa sieltä mikä oli se kyseinen asu, josta inspis syntyi?

Inhoan sellaisia päiviä, kun vaatekaappi ja rekki täynnä vaatteita muttei mitään
päällepantavaa. Kaikki naiset kyllä tietävät mitä tunnetta tarkoitan.
Jos ei tiedä, niin on onnekas.

Ja asiasta toiseen, tekee mieli mansikoita.

Ps: miksi tämä postaus näytetään nyt uusimpana, vaikka kirjoitin
tämän yli kaksi viikkoa sitten. Onko se sitä että korjasin tuosta vain yhden kirjoitusvirheen
joka häiritsi liikaa? :D

(Translation: I've been checking out some old photos
while surfing in the net and I am inspired. Again. 
Inspiration to this outfit I got from a post written by Sally Jane Vintage,
where was a beautiful collection full of pretty outfits from Colemino!
It's not hard to guess what was the outfit I got inspiration?

I hate the days, when I see that my closet and clothing rack are
full of clothes but there is still nothing to wear. All the ladies
know what I mean. If doesn't know, then you're lucky.

And other thing is, I want strawberries.

Ps: Why this post is being shown as the newest one, even though
I wrote this about 2 weeks ago or so.. Weird.
Is it because I re-wrote one word correctly 'cause it was wrongly spelled in this post,
and it bothered me too much?:D)









  1. I didn't notice we were both lucky #84! Another beautiful vintage look here and you are inspiring me again. Good luck to Finland Saturday night!

  2. Nätti asu! ;w;
    Sun hiukset on tosi kivasti ^^


  3. I know exactly what you mean hehehe.
    You are always sooooo lovely, Sara.

  4. I love how simple and chic your outfit is; that collar is darling!

  5. You really are lovely; these photos are very inspirational!

    I've been obsessing over 60s photos lately. xo

  6. I have to say that your eye color is gorgeous!! I bet you get that all the time. I've never seen that eye color before. Anywho, love the outfit. The color is my favorite.

  7. The Daily Fashionista: ooh, thank you :D No one has ever said that to mee, actually, but no one can't also tell which colour is it :D Even I can't, I don't know is is green-ish, grey-ish, .. Thanks!

  8. beautiful blog! I follow you, follow me back if you like my blog! thank you!

  9. love that little cute hat! I love your outfit :) xxx

  10. Your room looks similar to mine - absolutely full of vintage hats, handbags and dresses! This is a great ensemble, perfectly finished with your grey brogues. These are exactly the shoes I have been looking for.

  11. I just love the pretty collar on your top! Your hair and hat are gorgeous!

    Emma x


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