Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hot summer day.

Käväisin tuossa aamupäivällä lukemassa  järven rannalla historian pääsykokeisiin.
Oli niin kuuma ulkona, että en voinut pukea kuin shortsit ja topin. Ja tietysti lierihatun,
päätä suojaamaan. Vaikka tuolla on vaan jotain +20 astetta lämmintä, silti sinne pakahtuu.
Rannalla tuuli viileästi, joten en viihtynyt kuin pari tuntia siellä. Eikä siellä kirjaan kunnolla voinut
keskittyä, koska oli niin kaunis järvimaisema ja lokkien äänet kantautuivat "Lokkisaarelta". Ei sen nimi
varmaan oikeasti ole "Lokkisaari", mutta sen nimen olen sille antanut joskus lapsena.
Mietin vain, miten tulen pärjäämään kesällä +30 asteen helteillä, jos tämäkin tuottaa vaikeuksia.
Saa nähdä.

(Translation: This morning I went to sit near the lake, to read history. It was so
hot outside that I only wore shorts and a top. And of course straw hat.
Even though there's only +20 degrees, I think I got grilled. There was a cold wind
blowing at the beach so I left after couple of hours. I couldn't really concentrate to the book,
because the lake view was so beautiful and I heard seagulls voices from the "Seagull island".
That isn't the name of the island officially, I just named it when I was a child because
there's always lots of seagulls around the area.
I just thought that will I manage this summer when it's +30 degrees, if even this doesn't make me
feel very good.. We'll see.)


 Clear water.


  1. Well, despite the heat, you look lovely as always! I love the nautical look you have going on with the boater and shorts, too cute! What a pretty landscape, too.

  2. I love the photography here, Sara. And those incredible high waisted shorts! And that straw hat. Last year I wanted a vintage boater like the ones you wear, and this year, I swear I must buy one- you and me must match!

  3. Those flowers are stunning, and that hat... well if we lived closer I would be tempted to come steal it from you!


  4. Gorgeous! I love your shoes. Now whya are you still studying? Aren't you on holiday yet?

  5. great pictures, looks like a lovely day!
    Forever Chic,

  6. Thank you all! :)

    Rebeccak: Yes I am on a holiday, been about 3 months now, but I am reading for the entrance exam to the university and it's next week :S Doesn't really feel like a holiday.. :D

  7. Love your shorts and hat. Cute blog, inspiring outfits!




  8. Love your hat! Your photos are so gorgeous, no wonder it was hard to concentrate. Debbie http://thriftygirlvintage.blogspot.com

  9. I am so glad that the sun and warmth is now in your land. I bet it feels grand to be in that beautiful countryside.
    Enjoy, sara.

  10. It's been so hot here, my love!

    You look absolutely beautiful, and the fact that you're at the railroad tracks? Perfect.

  11. You are so pretty and your pictures are so clear! I especially like the one on the train tracks. :) Thank you so much for sharing these!


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