Monday, April 18, 2011

Mustana, maidolla, kylmänä, kuumana...

Straw hat - thrifted
Blouse with a bow - thrifted
Grey blazer - thrifted
Gloves - thrifted
Black skirt - thrifted
Shoes - Nappas-kenkä
Straw bag - x-mas present

Haluaisin upottaa tähän postaukseen lempikappaleeni
heiltä, mutta youtubessa ei ole kuin huonolaatuisia liveversioita.
"Mustana maidolla kylmänä kuumana" on upea kappale,
tulee ihan kesäpäivät mieleen. Kehotan kuuntelemaan sen jostain.

Ja tiedän ettei lauluääneni ole mikään upea, mutta kun SMG:tä kuuntelee,
haluaisi vain hankkia singstarin ja ruveta laulamaan.. Vaikka siinä lasit
särkyisi. Tai ehkä minun ääneni on huono, mutta kyllä minä aika hyviin
pisteisiin pääsin viime kerralla. Eikös se Singstarissa olekin ideana?

(Translation: Scandinavian Music Group is an amazing band.
I would love to put here one of their best songs,
but there's only live videos in youtube which are quite bad quality.
"Mustana maidolla kylmänä kuumana" is one gorgeous song,
it brings me very summery feeling. I recommend you to listen it somewhere.

And I believe that my singing voice isn't very pretty thing to listen,
but when I listen SMG, I just want to buy Singstar and start to sing.
Even though glasses would break.. Well, my voice might be pretty bad in my opinion, but
I did get actually kinda good points last time I played singstar.
And isn't that even the idea in Singstar?)


  1. Hi Sara,
    I didn't comment on your blog for a long time. I'm sorry. Tosay outfit looks fantastic as always. I adore bow blouses.
    I suggest you try to sign and I and other blogers give you our opinion, isn't it?
    bst regards from Barcelona

  2. Xavi: Hi Xavi, no worries, and thank you! You mean sing and show it in my blog? :D I don't think I could do it, it would be embarrassing :D

  3. You always have the best outfits!! I love the tweed jacket in these photos. So Pretty!!

  4. I love your first photo; Sara with all your doll and your pretty dresses. How fantastic you are...

  5. yes, I agree that Ireland is really beautiful. i've been lucky enough to go over there a couple times and I would highly highly recommend it! thank you for sharing your 7 things!

  6. Very, very cute outfit!! I love themed looks, they always produce a fashion character. And I love your blog, first time here :-)



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