Sunday, April 17, 2011

I had to do something to that hair.

Eli, hiukset tuli leikattua poikakaverin äidin toimesta.
Ja olen todella tyytyväinen lopputulokseen!
Hiusten latvat oli kaameassa kunnossa, nelihaaraisia löytyi
ja oli sellainen liruletti ettei mitään järkeä. Nyt leikattuna
hiuspehkoni näyttää paljon paksummalta ja siistimmältä kuin aiemmin:)

Ja äiti päätti yksi päivä ostaa minulle uudet kengät Nappas-kengästä.
Kuulemma vanhat kenkäni ovat kauheita kapistuksia ja pilaavat
jalkani, joten tarvitsin uudet kävelykengät, jotka edes jollain
tapaa tukevat jalkaa.
Ja tällaiset kauneudet sitten löysin, vaikka hinnan puolesta
en olisi uskonut, että niistä kannattaisi edes haaveilla.
Mukava viikonloppu kuitenkin on ollut!

(Translation: So, my bf's mom cut my hair.
And I am very pleased with it now!
My hair was in awful condition before, there was even hair
that were split end - quadruple.
Now my hair looks neat and thicker.

My mother decided to buy me new shoes one day 
from Nappas-kenkä, our local shop which is selling shoes..
In her opinion, my old ones are terrible and aren't good to my feet.
And I fell in love with these shoes, even though when I saw the price tag
I couldn't even dream of getting them..
I had a great weekend!)


 Kauheat nuo latvat, ja ihan risutukka. Lyhempi on kivempi.
Se oli tuostakin vielä lirumpi ennen leikkaamista.
Terrible hair I had, it was like straw. Shorter is nicer.
It was even thinner than that before cutting.

PS: Also, I got the Versatile Blogger Award from lovely Emma of Ol' Green eyes,
I am so honoured! Thank you! The task is to write 7 facts about myself and then
pass the award to 5 other bloggers! I will write the facts on next post when I have more time
to think about 7 things ('cause I know it will be challenging :D),
thank you again, Emma!:)


  1. A good hairstyle - it does look much neater and thicker! And I love the shoes too :)

  2. Nice shoes. Your mum has a good taste.

  3. Your hair looks so cute at that length! I love the shoes, too.
    Your style is always so cute and antique-inspired; I love it!!

  4. you always look cute, but it didn't seem awful at all earlier, au contraire, the cursl also suit you very nice

  5. Your hair looks lovely, Sara! And I love it when you rock the red. That skirt is so Harajuku!

  6. Your outfit is beautiful. I look lovely.

    P.S. We are having a giveaway on our blog that ends tomorrow afternoon. I hope that you can jump over to our blog and enter. It was posted a couple weeks ago so you may have to go back a couple pages.

  7. A good haircut makes my day! I like to keep it shorter and healthier- yours looks lovely.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  8. those shoes are really cute! perfect to go with your new haircut!

  9. Your hair looks so lovely! You're so lucky that your boyfriend's mother is so talented! And isn't it just the best when moms get the itch to buy their daughters new shoes? I sure think so! :)

    PS: I love that skirt!


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