Friday, March 18, 2011

Velvet hat with flowers.

Tykkään tuosta tummanvihreästä samettihatusta suunnattomasti.
Vaikka tämä sattuukin olemaan ensimmäinen kerta kun sitä pidän.
Ostin sen siis muutama kuukausi sitten kirpputorilta, ja ompelin itse
nuo kukat siihen. Lopputulos on ihan jees, mutta sille on vaikea löytää asua joka
matsaa siihen täydellisesti. Ehkä tämä välttää?

(Translation: I like that dark green velvet hat very much.
Though this is the first time I ever wear it.
I bought it few months ago from flea market, and I put there 
those light pink flowers myself. The result is quite nice, even though it's
very hard to find something suitable to wear with it. Maybe this outfit is
good enough?)

 Green velvet hat - thrifted
Black blazer - vintage
Black skirt - thrifted
White gloves - thrifted
White handbag - vintage
Light pink shoes - can't remember


  1. what a beauty you are! elegant, and such a lady :)

  2. Love your velvet hat, and your whole ensemble my dear sara.

  3. i really like the flowers that you've added! it makes the hat a little less formal, and looks perfect for spring.

  4. There's not been one visit where I don't love your outfit. Today is no exception. Fun!

  5. love your hat!

  6. How lovely! The flowers add a nice touch to the hat and go so well with your pink shoes.

    I couldn't help but notice the cat statue dressed up in the mink hat and stole. So funny! :)

  7. You pulled together a lovely outfit to wear with that darling hat! The pink flower addition was a great idea...


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