Tuesday, March 8, 2011

• Polka Dots •

Tänään Everybody Everywearissa on teemana ihanat pallot ja pilkut!
Itse puin ylleni tämän ihanan pallomekon, jonka sain siskoltani.
Siihen lisäsin virkatun irtokauluksen ja valkoisen nauhan, ja mielestäni
kokonaisuus on oikein mukava.

Olen ollut pari päivää mahataudissa, ja yksi yö menikin vessanpönttöä halaillessa.
Ei mukavaa ollenkaan. Nyt on olo vähän parempi, ei ole ollenkaan huono olo,
mutta vatsa on kuitenkin vielä kipeänä.

Minun pitäisi jo varmaan ruveta miettimään, minne haen opiskelemaan.
Eilen alkoi haut, ja olen ihan ulalla. Mitä oikein teen ja minne haen!
Tiedän vain sen, että historiaa haluan opiskelemaan Joensuuhun,
mutta ei yksi hakutoive oikein riitä. Äh.

Ja tänään on naistenpäivä!
Ihanaa naistenpäivää!

(Translation: So, "polka dots" is today's theme in Everybody Everywear!
I wore my dotty dress I got from my sis.
I put on also this crocheted collar and white ribbon.
I think these three clothings fit together well.

I've been having a stomach flu for couple of days now.
I spent one night hugging the toilet seat, and couldn't get very much sleep.
Not nice at all. Now I am feeling little bit better, but my stomach is still hurting.

I should propably now decide where I will go to study next year.
I have no idea what am I going to do. I know only that I want to go
to the university, Joensuu, and study history, but I have no other
options. And I should have, if I don't get that study place. Gosh..

And it's women's day today!
Happy women's day you all women there!)

Dotty dress - got from my sister
Crocheted collar - thrifted
White ribbon as a belt - got from my mom
Little purse - christmas present from my boyfriend
Shoes - my mom's


  1. Kivoja kuvija :>> näytät ihan nukelta.

    Ps: onko toi pullo tuolla hyllyllä kenties minun :S

  2. I love the outfit!
    And I hope you´ll get better soon :o)

  3. Such a pretty polkadot dress. Love the collar, and I just adore that hand-bag, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Fabulous Sara

  4. Ooo..this is so lady like and pretty! I love the collar with the dress.

  5. oh I adore that collar, esp. worn with such a chic and fun dotted dress & red lips!

  6. The collar goes perfectly with this dress---ok, the whole look is perfect.

  7. So sweet and unique. I love it. Dare to be different. ; )

  8. Best use of a lacy collar ever, lovely.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  9. such a lovely dress and I adore the collar!

  10. Upea kampaus! Ja asusikin on aivan upea, en voi muuta sanoo ;w;
    Hyvää naistenpäivää<3

  11. Beautiful how you put all these pieces together!

  12. What a unique and lovely, ladylike addition of the collar!

    Thanks for joining us at EBEW today!
    The Auspicious Life

  13. this is so adorable. I love that lace collar. Everything about this is so cute.

  14. I love the delicate girlish styling you've given your polka dots. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  15. OMG! I am squealing like a schoolgirl, I LOVE your outfit. The whole sha-bang! And the collar is brilliant! You're my hero! <3

  16. I love the collar you paired with your spots - really adds finish to the look!
    Also ... I don't know if it is any help - but I just chose as I went with uni - doing what felt right or sounded fun, and it has worked out pretty well :)

  17. such a beautiful outfit - the collar is a perfect touch.

  18. Oh my! I love all of these picturs so much! Beautiful dress and you look gorgeous!

  19. You ROCK those dots Girl! :) Greetings from a fellow polka girl from EBEW!


    P.S: I'm giving away a $500 FOLEY + CORINNA bag for my blog's Birthday! Would love to see you joining the fun! :D

  20. Love the collar and socks! Too cute :)

  21. love your tree painted wall-- what a perfect background. don't worry too much about school-- it will all work itself out :)

  22. Woaw! Lovely outfit Sara!
    Your so cute in that polka dot dress!!! so vintage ;)


  23. oh, this is absolutely sweet. that collar is beyond beautiful with this, and chunky mary janes with everything else delicate? love. a perfect balance, in my opinion.
    http://adayinlifetoo.blogspot.com (my daily outfit blog)

  24. This is so pretty, I love anything with polka dots, but polka dots and lace is even better!

  25. I am in love with this dress, polka dots and lace, what a lovely combination!

  26. The addition of the crocheted collar makes the whole outfit - so pretty!

  27. This is an awesome dress. So vintag-y!!!


  28. you look lovely in the polka dot dress! my favourite is the vintage bag, so cute! Get better soon. -xxoo
    Enter the Handmade Giveaway here!

  29. I'm in love with your crocheted collar! :)

       ♥ Teresa ♥
    - Pretty Dandy -

  30. Lovely outfit!!
    I love all the photos :) nice blog :) i'm gonna visit it again :)

  31. oh i just love the polkadots! <3 and that cutesy little bag.



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