Friday, March 4, 2011

Blimey, I am "such a great daughter".

(It's all thrifted. Except the shoes.)

Stressihän tässä iskee.
Eilen tuli luettua historiaa 11 tuntia ja kirjoitin 2 esseetä.
Kaksi päivää oli aikaa lukea tämän päivän kokeeseen, ja myöskin
kirjoittaa 3 esseetä (tai niin ainakin luulin, esseillä ei ollutkaan kiire). Opiskelin siis itse tuon historian
kurssin uudelleen jotta saan korotettua loppuarvosanaa. Kirjoituksiin on alle 2 viikkoa aikaa,
olen lukenut vain kirjoja 1-3 ja 4-5 on avaamatta. Olen lukusuunnitelmasta ainakin päivän
ihan jäljessä, ellen enemmänkin. Tavoitteena saada luettua ainakin kaksi kirjaa/päivä, tietysti taukoa pidän
joinain päivinä. Miksi aina onnistun tässä niin, että pitkitän lukemista ja lopulta
iskee kauhea kiire ja stressi. Huoh.

Ja onnistuin mokaamaan hammaslääkäriajankin. Tuli lasku peruuttamattomasta
ajasta päiväyksenä 28.2. Ja minulla on kalenterissa merkitty aika 28.3!!
Ja kyllä minun muistaakseni langan päässä sanottiin että siirtyy nyt maaliskuulle,
että en tiedä onko minun kuulossa vikaa vai onko siellä päin mokattu tämä homma.
Että joo, yli 120 euron laskuhan sieltä sitten äitille tuli.. Saan kuulla tästä vielä, jos
on minun moka, ja varmasti onkin... No, sellaista tapahtuu.

(Translation: I am stressed.
Yesterday I read history 11 hours and wrote two essays.
I had two days until today's exam (went pretty well), and I had also two days time to write 3 essays 
(I mean I thought so, essays weren't so important to give back today..) I studied
that whole course again, so I could raise my final history rating in the diploma.
I have about two weeks time to read to the final examination in history (and mother language,
swedish, and civics), I have read the coursebooks 1-3 and 4-5 are untouched. 
I am so late from my reading-schedule, at least a day, even more. 
My goal is to read two books in a day, of course I have few days when I read only one book. 
I have no idea how I always succeed to leave my readings so late. Sigh.

And I managed to blunder my dentist appointment.
I just received a bill, where is told that I didn't cancel my appointment.
It was date 28.2. And I had my appointment dated 28.3 to my calendar!!
And I remember clearly that the woman said "your appointment will pass to the march".
So now I have no idea that am I becoming deaf or did they blunder this case.
So, here's "the best news": over 120 euros bill to my mom, congratulations on having such a talented daughter.. 
I will hear about this especially if this was caused by me and my deafness
I feel so ashamed! But, life happens.)

PS: I was just thinking should I cut my hair like that.. Hmm.


  1. wow, that's a lot of wasted euros...oh well it's just money, you'll get it back:)

    join my StiLa giveaway!!!

  2. Hello Sara !

    Thanks a lot and you've got a head for hat, I love this one

    See U !

  3. Oh sweetie pie, that SUCKS! I am sorry there is all this stress on your plate lately. Your mom will forgive, but yeah, what a crunch. My mom is partially deaf, and I find she hears wrong all the time, so she always has people write the number down, very casually, like "oh could you give me a card for the appointment." So she can see the date. I should probably do that too.

    On a light note- you look so lovely! I love the coat the hat and your sweet angel face! Hang in there friend, and know it always gets better! HUGS! -Bella Q
    Enter to Win My Shabby Apple Dress Give-Away- the Citizen Rosebud

  4. Tuo sun takki on upea! :3
    Onko tuo muuten aitoa karvaa?

  5. I have just arrived from Málaga( Costa del Sol) and it is cold there.
    You look so pretty in your fur my dear Sara.
    have a grand weekend.

  6. oh no! missed appointments are the worst. i once lost about 180 dollars on one. it's awful!

  7. fashioneggplant: Yeah, and well, I am not the one who pays it, but still, no more "money for sweets" for me from my mama :D

    Lady Moriarty: thank you! ;)

    Bella Q: Yeah I hope so. Oh that isn't nice at all! and it's bad that I have no idea that was it me who heard it wrongly or was it the woman who just said it to me wrongly. it could happen :D But thanks anyway, dear <3

    Anni: jup, aito turkki on. Mut kierrätettynä sen ostin niin kuin kaikki turkiksenikin, en kuitenkaan tue kyseistä teollisuutta ostamalla suoraan valmistajalta :)

    Sacramento: thank you, hope you had great time :) have a nice weekend you too!

    Veronika: Oh that is one terrible bill :SS

  8. mng, so in love with your coat! its perfect - from colour to texture... very very beautiful!

    xx, Sabinna and David

  9. Oh no!! soundsa like a bad week! At lest you look snug as a bug all rugged up in fur :)


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