Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy valentine's day, darlings ♥


Leivoin poikakaverille suklaakeksejä ystävänpäiväksi.
Niiden on tarkoitus olla sydämen muotoisia, mutta en onnistunut kovin hyvin, vai mitä :D
 (I baked some chocolate cookies to my boyfriend for valentine's day.
They are supposed to be hearts, but I didn't succeed very well, did I :D)

Hyvää ystävänpäivää!


  1. Love your cards Sara, and i wish I could try the chocolate heart...
    Happy valentines day to yo, too.

  2. the cookies are clearly made with a lot of love though, so i say: SUCCESS! Happy Valentine's Day, Sara <3

  3. They look like hearts to me! (Delicious ones, too!) That first valentine is just gorgeous. I want her dress.


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