Monday, January 3, 2011

Outfit, inspired by...

 "Varaventtiili" (1942)


 Inspiroiduin suuresti Lea Joutsenon hahmon asusta elokuvassa Varaventtiili, josta
tein jo aiemmin postauksen. Omaan versiooni Lean asusta lisäsin vain mustan nauhan kaulukseen,
ja hihoista pursuu röyhelöt. Lean hahmojen puvut ovat aina niin kivoja ja inspiroivia, ja
nyt vihdoinkin jaksoin ottaa inspiksestä jotain irti. Ja kyllä, kaikki asussani olevat vaatteet
ovat kierrätyskeskuksista ja kirppareilta!

(Translation: I got some inspiration from Lea Joutseno's costume in the movie "Varaventtiili",
which I wrote a post few days ago. To my own version from Lea's costume I put a black tie
and some ruffles to the sleeves. Lea's characters' costumes are all so great and inspiring,
and finally I managed to take everything out of this inspiration. And yes, all my clothes in this outfit
are thrifted!)

Have a nice week!

Ps: Thank you all for your lovely comments in previous posts!
They made me smile :))
Kiitos edellisten postauksien kommenteista,
ne laittoivat hyvälle tuulelle :)


  1. perfect outfit!!!!

  2. Super! Looks great! congrat

  3. Hi!!! and happy new year.
    I've always adored ruffles on breast and on cuffs. This details are nice on a blouse specially when it's fully buttoned up.

  4. Wow. These are amazing. How do you not have millions of followers ? x hivennn.

  5. You managed to interpret it perfectly, i love it, looks really cool :D xxxxxxxx


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