Sunday, January 16, 2011


 Dotty top - thrifted
Black skirt - thrifted
White gloves - a gift
Stay ups - Tokmanni
Purse - xmas present
Feather hat - thrifted
Hair decoration with netting - H&M
High heels - thrifted

 Uusi postikortti kokoelmaan, sokkarilta eurolla.
(new postcard to my collection)

Nyt menen tekemään koulujuttuja. ->
(Now I'm off to do some school works ->)


  1. Sara! I think this is your best set of pictures to date, which is saying a lot, because I love so many of your outfits, but today = AMAZING! Who took this pictures? They are just perfect and capture your style so beautifully! -Bella Q

  2. Bella Q: Ohh thank you!! I took the pics myself, with self-timer! :)


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