Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fun time on friday!


Oli kerrassaan mainio viikonloppu. Perjantaina pidimme hauskaa ystävien kesken - juoruten, pelaten
 biljardia, juoden ja syöden herkkuja. Rakastan tällaisia hetkiä ystävien kera, kun tuntee itsensä niin hyväksi
 ja onnelliseksi että on löytänyt upeita ystäviä. Se on upea tunne.

(Translation: It was a great weekend. We had fun on friday with friends - gossiping, playing billiard, drinking and
 eating snacks. I love these kind of moments with my friends, when I feel so good and happy to own such a good
 friends. It's a great feeling.)

 ♥: Sara


  1. I'm glad you had such a lovely weekend!! And two bonus points for playing pool and eating chocolate.

    Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday; enjoy your extra hour!

  2. This looks like a great party !

    See U !

  3. I love these pictures, polaroids are so cute!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. Those chocolates look amazing! Wait, are they cakes covered in chocolate? Oh goodness, I want!

  5. Amber Rose: Thank you!

    Lady Moriarty: Thanks, see ya! :)

    Carys: Thank you! I like polaroids too! Yeah, they are actually cakes covered in chocolate! :)

  6. oh that party looks really fun! it's the best to simply hang out with close friends and feel happy (and well-fed!! :D). it's such a warm emotion :) i'm glad you had fun! those polaroids have a lovely quality to them as well :)


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