Saturday, October 23, 2010


Ihanaa oli herätä aamulla ja nähdä ikkunasta upea luminen maisema. Se on jotain niin parasta.
Vaikka en olekaan kylmyyden ystävä, olen aina vaikuttunut lumimaisemien kauneudesta.
Rakastan myös sitä ääntä, joka lähtee kenkieni alta kun kävelen lumessa. Ihana nirskunta.

(Translation: I love the view from my window. Snowy wonderland! It's the best feeling I get when I look 
outside in the morning and notice it's been raining snow at night. A lot. I am not very into freezing air, 
but snow is something beautiful. I love the noice under my shoes when I walk on snow.)

Tiny footsteps.


Everything is thrifted :)
Kaikki on kirppareilta!

With love,


  1. I can't wait for snow! I normally have to wait until after Christmas to get nearly that amount of snow though :(

  2. Beautiful snow Pictures and I adore your Outfit! What a lovely top. xx, Alice :)

  3. oops i am late commenting on this post but your pictures are so inspiring! it's still autumn here but winter looks appealing :) i love the color of the sky!

  4. Kate: Sad to hear that it snows after x-mas there. It would not feel like real x-mas here if there wasn't two meters snow outside :O

    Alice: Thank you :)

    Kelly: I am glad to hear you like them:) Thanks!


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