Monday, October 4, 2010

Ruutu ja pilkku

Finally my final exams of this autumn are over. I will have to wait until spring for the next tests. 
And this day our examweek started. I had english coursetest today, and I don't know if it went well. 
But I don't care, I already took an examination in english couple of weeks ago. 
And my final test in history didn't go as well as I wanted, so I will redo it next spring.

Well, enough about those boring things about my school.

Here's my outfit from today:

 Blouse - Seppälä
Scarf - thrifted
Trousers - thrifted
Shoes - Idäntori
Bag - from my boyfriend's mom

Have a great week!

: Sara


  1. I encourage you to follow studying history. The history is nice and interesting, isn't it?

    This more casual (or less formal) wear looks fantastic on you too.

    Tomorrow, I'll begin a new english course. As you know, my level is very poor and I need improve it. :)

  2. Xavi: Yeah, I've been thinking about continuing to study history if i ever manage to get to the university. Thank you, and good luck with YOUR studies :)


  3. very chic outfit! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog!!


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