Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, this is an important ANNOUNCEMENT!

I have decided to change the language I use in my blog back to Finnish, but of course with a small summary in English translation. I hope it is okay, because I think I have much more "freedom" to write and use words, because after all Finnish is my motherlanguage. And I really love writing diary and it is easier to write in fluent Finnish than in my poor English (I know I have so much mistakes in my earlier posts..). I think I need some practise in writing, because I want to become a writer.

So, next post I send will be in Finnish with a summary in English at the end (:

Here's something I made on my wall today when I was bored:

And I found this old typewriter from the closet. I didn't remember I had one, what a great find indeed!

: Sara


  1. it's so great to find forgotten items!

    i'll still visit your blog, though I don't read Finnish :) thank you for the little english summaries <3

  2. Kelly: Thank you, it is nice to hear! :)


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Sara Kristiina

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