Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I am sailing.

I had a really nice day. Kävin katsomassa ystäväiseni Kaisan ensimmäistä soolokonserttia. 
Siitä se huilistin ura lähtee :) Oli oikein kaunis konsertti, pidin kovasti. Iho meni ihan kananlihalle muutamassa

Minun teki kovasti mieli pukeutua merimies-vaikutteisesti iltaa varten, ja koska minulla oli vähän tylsää,
panostin siihen kunnolla.

(Translation: I went to see my friend Kaisa's first soloconcert. What a great start for her flutist's career! It was one
beautiful concert, I liked it a lot. At some parts of it, my skin went goose bumps.

I wanted to dress up nicely for that evening and I got inspiration from sailors.)

Tights - from my bf's mom
Skirt - thrifted
Belt - thrifted
Sailorette jacket - Vero Moda
T-shirt - thrifted
Anchor necklace - a gift from my big sister
Red purse - thrifted
Anchor earrings - JC
Red hat - thrifted

Have a great end of the week :)

♥: Sara


  1. Love your Outfit! What cute earrings.
    xx, Alice :)

  2. nice combo with the belt and jacket!

  3. Ihana asu! ^^ Tykkään kovasti tosta hameesta♥

  4. that outfit is so cute! i love sailor themes, especially in clothing! i'm glad you had such a nice day - how cool to have a friend so talented in music! (someday i want to learn to play an instrument, too! :D)


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