Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tanssitaanko nyt vaan?

Oh my god. I met Maria Lund. Personally. Face to face.

So, as I was saying, her concert was fabulous last sunday!!


I woke up very early, because I couldn't sleep. I was too excited about the coming event. Then I put my hair, dressed up and put some make up, and when it was midday, I went to Hyvärilä, where that concert was. Oh yes, the concert was a part of the moviefestivals of Nurmes, and it was the final event for the festivals.

This was my outfit on that day. My mother sewed me a petticoat for that concert, I am so grateful!

I love this print! Quite inspiring ;>


But anyway, I went to Hyvärilä and then I just waited for the concert 3 hours there! I was just sitting around there, eating candies, reading newspapers, stalking people and taking photos. Of course I hoped I would crash into Maria Lund during that waiting, but it didn't happen. I did hear her singing from the huge tent, when they had rehearsals.

Those bushes seemed to be on fire..

Reading the official newspaper of the Moviefestivals of Nurmes. It was nice to sit on the wooden bench, watch autumnal view, and read the newspaper.


When they started to sell tickets and the gates opened, I ran inside the area and went to sit infront! There were seats, which was a shame, because I would have wanted to dance around right next to the stage. Maybe that kind of jumping and sing-a-long is only for the gigs, but this was a real concert.

My hands were really shaking when the concert started, and I felt so weird when I saw Maria Lund arriving to the stage and starting to sing. I felt so happy, enormously happy and excited, I couldn't do anything. I just stared at her.

She was so beautiful. Her black dress, her hairdo, her necklace, her face.. And her singing-voice was much better live than in recording! It was weird. And I know it is a cliché to say that someone is prettier live than in those "photoshopped pictures", but Maria really was, she was stunning! And her speaking-voice was so cute!!


I was so happy to hear her singing few of my favourite songs..

..But much happier I was after the concert! I saw her coming towards to the hotelrestaurant, which is very near to the tent, and immediately I went to ask her autograph to my vintage scrapbook, and she said how nice my book was. I was nervous, my hands were shaking and I just couldn't take a stupid smile from my face! Some random man took a photo of us, when I asked Maria if I could have a picture with her..

.. And here it is!!
Hah, I really look like nervous and waaay excited! But Maria looks stunning!

♥ Autograph from Maria ♥

Well, after I got her autograph and photograph, I said bye and walked to the hotel. But then I heard her calling my name, then she ran to me and started to tell how pretty my outfit was and how cute was my hat etc. I was like ".. oh. I am honoured! :OO" And then we talked some more about clothings, that concert, and I said to her that she really should have an own fashion collection. And she said she's been thinking about it herself too. I mean come on, she sews herself her own retrous clothes, which are so stylish and fabulous!

It was so nice to talk to her like in casual way! She was so nice, and she said "it was nice to meet you" and other polite stuff. I felt so weird, when our paths separated, I had just talked to Maria Lund face to face, got her autograph and photo with her and she told me she likes my style. I couldn't believe myself at all when I told about it to my parents. :D


I am right now so excited. I've met Maria Lund, and she was so nice to me! I adore her right now even more. True idol, I'd say..


But now, I have to go to sleep. I had a final listening comprehension test in english today, and it didn't go really well. I am a bit disappointed about myself, but right now I do not care. I am happy - and tired.

Someday I will post a medley video about that concert! If I can.. I already made it, I took lots of videoclips during the concert! And I want you all to see them, and see how awesome Maria is.

But now, good night darlings!

♥: Sara


  1. Wow! The whole day sounds beautiful! I've never met an idol in person - that's really awesome! Also, it's true what Maria Lund said to you- your outfit is so gorgeous!

  2. kelly: Thank you! It really was so awesome, I can't even really describe it! :) -Sara

  3. Huhhuh, kuulostaa ihan uskomattomalta! Mää menisin varmasti ihan lukkoon jos joskus tarjoutuisi tilaisuus puhua jollekin kuuluisuudelle...

    Ja hauska hame sulla muuten! :)

  4. aw im so happy for you! and you look adorable btw :)

    {no, it's not about birds}


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