Wednesday, September 1, 2010

♥ Silent film with real live pianomusic .. What an experience! ♥

My parents and I went to see finnish silent film Murtovarkaus ("Burglary"), from 1926, directed by Harry Roeck Hansen. It is based on the play by Minna Canth. Our local movietheater showed this film with real live music (Esa Toivola played the piano), because of its 100th birthday. That was definitely once-in-a-lifetime experience! Anyone who has seen a silent film from huge silver screen with real live music, knows what I mean.

I did like the movie and its plot was great, but so was the cast. It was great to see Joel Rinne as a young bloke. He was so handsome! Though he was as charming when he was much older.

Joel Rinne, Kaisa Leppänen and Ester Roeck Hansen in Murtovarkaus, 1926
Pic from here

If you ever have a chance to see a silent film from the silver screen, I highly recommend it! It is worth seeing, and hearing!


And this is what
I wore today:
Yellow dress - vintage
Black purse - vintage
Hat - vintage
Brown vest - 2nd hand
Black velvet jacket - 2nd hand
Thights - Tokmanni


Have a great week, darlings!

♥: Sara


  1. What a lovely time you must've had! ;)

  2. That sounds perfect! I love silent movies so i'd so love to get to be able to go see one in the cinema! xxx


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