Friday, September 17, 2010


I found black high heel shoes from our garage. These are my big sister Laura's, but she was going to sell them. Yeah, they are a bit rusty and need some repairing, but I still fell in love with them when I tried them on! So so so so SO cute! I will buy the shoes from Laura, I don't think she even knows that yet, hahaha. SO THANK YOU LAURA for selling these for me

 I bought this vintage purse today from second hand shop. It is so damn cute!

Now I have to go and clean my room. It is so messy, looks like some hurricane made a visit..
Have a great day!
♥: Sara


  1. Congratulations for this new fantastic shoes. I like its color. I think too, that this bag is nice and combine very well with your outfit. Nice buttoned up blouse, black bow-tie, white skirt...
    wow I'm in love with this style!!!

  2. Xavi: Thank you! :)

    Judy: Thanks, I do too! :D



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