Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Outfit from today ~ And no more pain!

The day after tomorrow I have a final test in history. I have lots of studying to do.
And I don't think it goes well. But of course, during all this studying,
I have time to make a post of this day's outfit.
I know, I look like a business lady..

Bow - thrifted
Black n' white striped jacket - thrifted
Pearl necklace - thrifted
Blue top - O.N.L.Y.
Beige bolero - thrifted
Black skirt - thrifted
Tights - from my bf's mom
Black high heels - from my big sister
Bag - from my bf's mom


Today were my last lessons ever in french language. I am so happy.
No more french lessons! No more pain! 
I am sorry, I just loss my mind during those hours, because I didn't understand a thing.
Now I only have to pass the test from this course, then I am completely free.
And same situation in swedish! Although I take an examination in swedish next spring,
but I don't care if I fail it.


HAVE a NICE day!

♥: Sara


  1. You do look all business today. However I love that blazer and think it could rock the world out of a Breton striped sweater. xo. -Bella Q

  2. I love your jacket, and that bow looks so nice!!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. Yes, you looks like a business lady, lybrarian... But, where is the problem? There is no problem. This is your style and you look great always. Under my opinion, of course. :)

    Good luck with the tests. Study a lot!!!

  4. Bella Q: It surely could!

    Carys: Thank you!

    Xavi: Thank you! :> I'll try to study as much as I can!


  5. You look very classy, as usual! best of luck on your bug exams and congratulations on being finished with french :)


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Sara Kristiina

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