Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jo taivas sineen pukeutuu ~ ♥

Next monday I have a final exam in english listening comprehension. I am so nervous! Today we had a rehearsal and it didn't go well. I hope we have easy ones next monday... And today I heard that it is not possible to me not to leave the final course in french. I am so pissed off! French is so hard language, I have already studied it two years and I hardly can say my name and age in french.. After those bad news I went to complain about it to my headmaster, and when he still said that it is not possible ('cause the group will be too small if I leave), I tried to make my face as sad as I could and with almost crying eyes I said to him: "but I am so stressed up because of that irritating language, I can't take it anymoooore!" And then he said that in that case he will think about it. Haha, I hope the headmaster does the right choice..


This week I have been going to school by bike/by foot. It has been amazing to walk, because autumn is finally here and I love walking around in autumnal scenes and listening folk music. I am much happier in school and it's refreshing. I love especially one area in my schoolroad so much, that I had to take photos of it!

Mushrooms! I was so happy when I spotted first mushrooms of this autumn. I think these fellows are cute :D


Coat - Vero moda
Skirt - 2nd hand
Black thights - Tokmanni
High heel shoes - Nappas-kenkä
Scarf - mom's (marimekko.)
Leather gloves - Tokmanni


I love the view from my room's window. It is inspiring and I love to write infront of this beautiful view, especially in autumn. Though I am very busy with school this time, so I don't have time to enjoy it.. And next autumn I move away from home, so it is sad to leave this behind..


♥: Sara

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  1. Autumn is such a perfect season, you can't imagine how I love it. But my favorite one is winter, when everything is mute and cold.

    See U !


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