Monday, September 20, 2010

Ah, new shoes again.

Ah, I love them so much. First I fell in love with some other shoes, but they were far too expensive, so then I chose these fellows, 40% sale, so suits for me nicely. Though their original price was €79... But luckily I wasn't the one who would pay, my mom is a great sponsor..

...  I also found this cute purse from 2nd hand shop Kristalli....

 ... So, of course I wanted to wear them immediately


Tomorrow I will cook to my boyfriend! It is going to be a special moment, because I can't cook at all, 
and it will be the first real meal I've ever made. So I hope he can act like it's the most delicious experience in his life. But yeah, I am so excited, although I do not think he or the kitchen is .. :D



♥: Sara

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