Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ah, finally.

FINALLY my Lena Hoschek A/W catalogue arrived from Wien. I love it, I just can't stop smelling it and watching it and search for inspirations. Ah!


I love my new trousers! I was so excited to find these kind of pants from 2nd hand shop which fit me perfectly! These have an awesome print, I don't know if you see it from that picture. I call these "pappapöksyt" ("grandpapants"), because of that print.

I didn't wear trousers before, because I didn't own any (except some old jeans I hated and couldn't wear) and  it felt weird after wearing skirts 24/7, through the year! I have to get used to trousers again, because now I own two pair of trousers.

♥: Sara


  1. You could very well be a model for that catalog! :)

    You look striking in your new trousers-- how odd (in a great way, though) to have found thrifted trousers that fit so wonderfully. I think it's official-- I need to go thrifting with YOU.

    Anyhow, hope you're having a wonderful weekend. Best wishes,

    Amber Rose.

  2. Amber Rose: Oh thank you for your kind words! And sure, let's go thrifting! :)) -Sara

  3. Wow, I'd not heard of Lena Hoscheck before, what a beautiful catalogue!! It is totally your style! Those trousers are so nice, as is your knitted cardigan!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. wow, that's like Anthropoligie for Austria. Awesome! And cute sweater!

  5. I just found your blog the other day, and it's really wonderful and made me smile to read it. I really admire your personal style! It's very inspiring. If you don't mind, I'll follow your blog :)

  6. Carys: Thank you! :)

    Sonia: Thanks! (:

    Kelly: Oh, thank you a lot, I am flattered, and thanks for following! :))


  7. Ja nämä housut lähtevät minun matkaani jahka kotio saapunen... :B

  8. ANONYYMI: Do not even think about it. :D Ja tuosta hymiöstä tunnistan kyllä kukas se siellä esittelee vaatimuksia...


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