Sunday, September 19, 2010

3 days' cleaningfestival is finally over.

I cleaned my room. And redecorated it. You have no idea how messy it was. Piles of clothings all over the place.. It took 3 days to clean my room. When I had done all the cleaning last night, I fell asleep immediately.

(I won't show you  any "before"-photo.. :D)

Finally I have my own clothes rail. Though it's like "poor man's" clothes rail, but still. All my dresses and jackets are nicely hanging in the same place.

My hats♥

This doll is actually Laura's, but she didn't take her with her when she moved away. So I rescued the doll! She's so pretty doll. And behind her you can see a picture of Lily Elsie. I admire her!

My purses and old Elokuva-Aitta magazines.

Some of my shoes!

Perfumes. I love perfumes ♥

Claudine, my beautiful porcelain figure.

Kitty porcelain figures♥

Lea Joutseno and Pandora -kitten.

Have a great and inspiring day!

♥: Sara


  1. Ooooohhhhh, your vintage room is adorable!!! Everyone photos & portatrits are fantasticc! A nice space to spent a lots of hours reading and enjoing.

  2. Olen kyllä täysin samaa mieltä Xavin kanssa... Varsinkin tuo tilpehööripöytä hajuvesineen näyttää ihanalta!

  3. Wowwwwww, your room is just amazing! I love all the clothes and hats :o plus all those photos of Lily Elsie!
    How lovely is the view from your window too :D

  4. your room is beautiful! it looks like a really inspiring and cozy place. The view from your window is really gorgeous, too! and now i feel like I should clean my's very untidy :|

  5. p.s. i forgot to say that the tree designs on your wall are amazing. is it wallpaper or a decal, maybe? i really love the subtle impact it makes in your room! :D

  6. Xavi: Thank you! It surely is nice place to spent time, now I am even more motivated to read for exams there :D

    Ritva: Kiitoksia :)) Niiden pikkuesineiden järjestelyssä vierähtikin aikaa :D

    Carolie: Thank you! I love the view too, it's inspiring :)

    Kelly: Thank you :) Yes, it's wallpaper, and it was a great find!


  7. I am so jealous of your room! It looks amazing. Love your blog by the way :)



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