Saturday, August 7, 2010

♥ vintage postcards ♥ inspiration ♥


I found few awesome "vintage" postcards from Helsinki. I am actually collecting these kind of nostalgic cards, and I am planning to order some cards and posters from There's some awesome stuff I'd like to get!

Ah, Marilyn Monroe.. She's stunning! I had to take a closer look to her face, so you can see her beautyness better.

♥: Sara


  1. Awww-i love all these photos, the first one is so sweet :)

  2. it's true. marilyn was the most gorgeous woman i've ever seen.

  3. Sigh. Oh Marilyn. It just isn't fair.

    I've been looking through your blog and have to say-- I adore your personal style and inspirations. You've got yourself a new follower, missy. :)

    And I'm incredibly jealous about the vinyls you were able to score!

    Yours Truly,
    Amber Rose

  4. Those are too cute! My favorites are the young couple kissing with the hat and the old couple walking. And of course the one of Marilyn. :)

  5. I love everything in the title of your blog!
    and this photos were beautiful, i love marilyn she is still such a classic beauty.
    i really like the 2nd picture so cute ehe.

  6. Caroline: Yep, I adoore these photos too (:

    Sonia: Indeed she was !

    Amber Rose: Thank you, and thank you for following, I appreciate it (:

    Kir: Thanks! Marilyn -card is one of my top favourites :)

    Jaymie: Thank you! :)


  7. Awww, those postcards are beautiful! I especially like the Marilyn Monroe ones...she looks gorgeous as always in them, but a bit more fresh-faced than the pics we're used to seeing.

  8. Indie.Tea: Yea, I agree, and that's the reason why I bought that Marilyn -postcard, she looks so young and a lot more different than those photos that are more famous. -Sara

  9. They are all amazing, but I really love the second one ! I love old stuff like this..
    Great blog ;)
    Kiss, Madalena and Sara

  10. oh those photos of Marilyn are beautiful! I love vintage postcards. I'm always hunting for them in thrift stores. It's always great mailing them out to friends and family :] You have the loveliest blog by the way!

  11. That's a lovely collection of vintage postcards! It's always fun and exciting to collect things. Marilyn is so beautiful. :)

    ♥ Teresa ♥

  12. Haha. That one with the dog... what the heck?

    <3 Marilyn.

  13. That picture with the dog on the back of the bicycle is so cute! Love! :D


  14. Madalena and Sara: Thank you :)

    Jada C.: Thank you!

    Teresa: I agree, and thank you :)

    Haven: Yeah, and there's also another dog under his coat 8)

    Sarah: I agree, thanks :)


  15. The second one is so romantic in a cheesy way :o)

    *swoons at Marilyn Monroe*
    She's so pretty!

    Vintage postcards are love.

  16. Sara, please forgive me. I am missing the bone that makes people love Marilyn. I do not fancy her. She leaves me cold. We must agree to disagree on this matter, as I adore YOU!

    But the other pics are marvelous for me. My favorite is the young man on the bike riding with a whippet on his back. Now THAT'S adorable! xo. -Bella Q

  17. Bella Q: Thanks :D That bike riding photo with those dogs is one of my favourites too! :) -Sara

  18. Marilyn Monroe is so pretty! I like the hat/kiss picture, haha.


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