Saturday, August 14, 2010

Suomisen Olli yllättää ~ 1945


I watched the movie I bought yesterday, "Suomisen Olli yllättää" from 1945. It's one of the "Family Suominen" -movieseries, and I think 5th movie. There's six movies telling about this finnish family, and three of them are concentrated on Olli, the only boy in this family.

In the plot, the second Wold War is over and Olli returns home from the army to continue his school studies. But because of his years in war, he doesn't know much about school stuff anymore, he doesn't get much success, so he gives up and concentrates on partying with his friends, and somehow he finds himself to the path that leads him to crimescenes.

The cast is great! Lasse Pöysti, Ekke Hämäläinen and Elsa Turakainen are one of my favourite actors, and I was happy to see Topi Ruuth in this movie, because he's not very general face in movies.


Lasse Pöysti (Olli) and Maire Suvanto (Pipsa, Olli's sister)

Regina Heinonen (Ritva, Olli's ex-girlfriend)

Awesome Kalevi Hartti (Eka, Olli's best friend)

Handsome Topi Ruuth (Olli's friend Janne)

One of my favourite actors (and the most handsome) ♥Ekke Hämäläinen♥ (Polle, Olli's friend) and Lasse Pöysti

My favourite scene :D Polle's playing lady..

Olli and his friends' drinking night

Lasse Pöysti and Kalevi Hartti (cuties.. ♥)

Ekke Hämäläinen playing dramatic

Eka and Olli discovers that their secret deals have been criminal..

In the end, Olli's father solves his things out and Olli's back to school and Olli and Eka gets finally their graduation caps.


Today I am going to my friend's home and we are celebrating the last weekend of the summer holidays! So I will make a post of it, if I remember to take my camera with me..

♥: Sara



  1. Have fun on the last weekend of summer!
    And I love the stills from this film, so I'll definitely be watching it sometime soon. :)


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