Friday, August 6, 2010



I did some shoppings in Helsinki (and in a local market square in Nurmes.) I spent almost all my summerjob payment, but I don't care, 'cause I would have spent my money to clothings anyways.

My favourite find! Amazing red baseball jacket, from Gina Tricot. I have always wanted this kind of jacket, and I got a bigger size so it looks cooler on me.

Pink catty skirt - O.N.L.Y.
White T-shirt - H&M

Dotty dress - VILA Clothes

Black striped dress - H&M

Black/white dress with black bow - H&M


Two bows (navy and red) - flea market

Black feather hat - Market square

Fakefur hat - Market square

Great original hits from the 50's & 60's, vinyl box - Market square

This beautiful porcelain figure is called Claudine, and I found her from our local market square. She's such a beauty!

♥: Sara


  1. Wow! Amazing finds!!!! That cat skirt is so adorable!

  2. Sara, I love the way you dress, and your eye for things. The prints on your dress, and the top are so charming. That "letterman's" jacket looks so cool on you, like you're a 1950's babe heading out to the malt shop! And your taste for toppers are so wonderful. LOVE your hats!

  3. Bella Q: Thank you for your nice words! (: You are sweet! -Sara


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