Friday, August 6, 2010

Piece of Helsinki.

My parents, my two big sisters and I visited Helsinki couple of days ago. It truly is amazing capital. I fell in love with the buildings and the malls and all those stylish people. I have visited Helsinki before few times, but I haven't seen it actually this close, or I just don't remember... It felt like I was somewhere abroad, not in Finland!

Here's some pics from our Helsinki -trip!

We visited Ateneum, and I died inside when I saw amazing masterpieces from Hugo Simberg, Albert Edelfelt and Ferdinand von Wright. I have seen some of those paintings in history books and it was incredible to see them LIVE.

Laura and I

I did LOTS OF shoppings. But I am sad that I didn't have a chance to visit any second hand shops..

I will do a post of my buyings later :)




  1. What a beautiful city! I hope to one day visit Helsinki, and if I do, WE are going to thirft shop!

  2. Bella Q: Yeah! WE are going, definitely! :D


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