Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ol' blue eyes

I am sorry for lack of posts again, I've been busy with school stuff. Again. But here's outfitpost, from today, and I am sorry for blurry photos, but there wasn't any daylight left, so I had to use the lamp.. I know it would be best to take outdoor photos, but there's no one taking photos, 'cause my sister is in Joensuu right now and I don't want to ask my parents to take pics of me, it would be so weird. And I am kind of shy to take pics on our yard, I'm afraid if someone sees me :D

Blue hat - my parents brought it from some vintage boutique in Kuopio! It's so lovely!
Blue scarf - from Kuopio too
White T-shirt - H&M
Skirt - 2nd hand
Grey jacket - 2nd hand
 White gloves - 2nd hand
Umbrella - 2nd hand

I am so excited about that hat, although it reminds me of the hat I already have, but still, this one is much cuter!

Well, I should be reading history right now, so I'll just go and study hard. :)

You guys have a fantastic week! 
I will try to be much less lazy.. :D
♥: Sara


  1. So cute! You look great in hats!

  2. I agree with Sonia. :D

    And I feel awkward asking anyone other than my brother to take photos of me. Haha. :)

  3. Ihanan syksyisen tyylikäs tuo ulkovaatekuva! Ja hattu on nätti. :)

    Mulla on kyllä justiinsa sama juttu noiden ulkokuvien kanssa, ei vaan ilikiä. Niinpä sitten tuleekin vaan räpsittyä itselaukaisimella sitä iänikuista seinää vasten...

  4. Sonia: Thaanks :)

    Amber Rose: Thanks! :D And yeah :D Though I feel weird to pose in the pics my sis is taking :D

    Ritva: Kiitoksia! :) Niin, se on vähän mälsää, pitäs asua jossai ihan muualla ku naapurustossa jossa ihmiset asuu lähellä toisiaan, eivätkä näe toistensa pihoille niin kehtais ottella itselaukaisulla vaikka kuvia itestää ihan siellä ulkonakin :D



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