Thursday, August 12, 2010

♥ My new source of inspiration ~ Lena Hoschek ♥

I just read about Lena Hoschek from Lulu Letty's blog, and seeing all those fantastic clothes made me almost cry. I've never heard about Lena Hoschek before, and now I am happy I found her. Her clothings are like art and they are just my style!

What makes this more exciting that there will be an online store soon on her website, so I will definitely try to get lots of money and order something, if it's possible.

I just ordered her Autumn/Winter catalog for me, and I am just so amazed of her autumny collection! I'd kill for these outfits:

Photos (c) Lena Hoschek


I am so pissed of because I just heard that my school doesn't start on next monday, it starts on next wednesday. I've been waiting to school to start these days with JOY and EXCITEMENT and now they tell us that "you still have to wait couple of more days". Well, more time to do school essays and read "the 7 Brothers" from Aleksis Kivi..

♥: Sara


  1. Beautiful photos and beautiful outfits. I'm going to have to check this designer out. Very vintage in styling, very beautiful clothing. I wish for a catalogue too!

    Enjoy your two more days of freedom, Sara! Take some photos with your spare time and share them with us. xo. Bella Q

  2. those clothes look 19040's fantastic - will have to check out their site! x

  3. Voihan ihanuuksien isoäiti näitä kuvia! Aivan ihana tunnelma - ja mitä vaatteita! Et varmaan pahastu, jos härskisti matkin teikäläistä ja tästä samasta aiheesta postauksen väännän, sen verran elämääni hetkauttivat nämä kuvat. :D

  4. Alice Saga: I Agree!

    Bella Q: I agree! You should order the catalogue too, I can't wait for its arriving! I will make a post tomorrow or at least this weekend of what I've done this week :)

    Lulu and the Locket: I highly recommend it :)

    Ritva: Samaa mieltä :) Ja en todellakaan pahastu jos teet postauksen :D Tieto Lenasta pitää levitä eteenpäin ;>


  5. I love how old-fashioned they are.:)


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