Friday, August 13, 2010


This is what I have been doing lately:

  • I've been eating plenty of chocolate ♥

  • Searching for photos of my favourite actors/actresses and printing them! (It's Lea Joutseno!)

  • Reading old magazines (My father brought this one for me, it's from the year 1940)

These old comics are hilarious :D

  • Wearing my new shoes! I love these ♥ (I got them from my bf:s mom! THANKS!)

  • Buying cute porcelaine figures!

  • Making huge Ireland -essay! It's actually pretty fun to search information and in the same time listening irish folk music ...

  • Listening my new vinyls ! 50's and 60's music is golden.

  • Wearing my Gina Tricot Baseball -jacket whenever I can. I LOVE IT!♥

  • Watching old finnish movies! (I bought this awesome Lasse Pöysti -movie today, I've always wanted to see it.)

and remember to eat lots of chocolate!

♥: Sara


Ps: by the way, I bought these purple gloves but then I realised I don't have anything what suits with them! Damn.. Any ideas what kind of clothes (and colours) would suit with these?

... And two pairs of these kind of white gloves somehow appeared on my desk. I have no idea where they came from but thanks anyway...?! :D (Maybe my unknown godmother..?)


PPS: I got an award from Vintage Birdy♥, THANK YOU! Right now I don't have time to share it and think about 10 things about me, but I will do it whenever I have time :)) Thanks a lot!



  1. purple lace gloves= bright green t-shirt. Yes.
    Or black velvet and d the whole eighties goth-madonna thing.

  2. Nice pix! Those purple gloves would look great with a black or grey suit. And brown!

  3. Oh wow, that jacket is so fantastic!

  4. Aaa, noi kengät on upeat! *w* Ja noi molemmat hansikkaat on hienot!!Ja ihana päivänasu!! :) ~Anni

  5. Florrie: Thank you for your suggestions! I will figure something out :D

    Sonia: Thanks, and thanks for our suggestions!

    Melissa: Thank you :)

    Carissa: I agree :D

    Anni: Kiitän! :)


  6. Congrats, Sara!
    Chocolates, delicious yet sinful.
    Beautiful gloves.


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