Friday, July 30, 2010

"Strawperries cherries and an angel´s kiss in spring.."

This day me and my mom and my sis Laura went to Asemakahvila (cafe) and visited flea market, where I did couple of great finds. I will introduce my finds later. Asemakahvila is the best local cafe in Nurmes, I love its decoration a lot and there are the best cakes I've ever tasted.

It used to be trainstations building where you can buy your tickets but now there's this awesome cafe and couple of little boutiques.

White/Dark chocolate cake with raspberries and some pineapple limonade. Yum!


My outfit today. I bought that dotty skirt from second hand shop Kristalli (€1). It's cute but it is deadly on windy weather... Girls, you know what I mean.. :D

Last monday was my final working day. I worked two weeks in a local antique boutique (where's cafe and flea market too) and it was so fun! I enjoyed the milieu and I discovered that washing dishes really isn't that bad work. Now I am delighted because I have lots of money to spent on clothes and other stuff.

Did/do you guys have a summer job?

Well, have a nice day and remember to drink a lot of water !


  1. Your outfit is so cute, as always!!! Great pics! That cake looks yummy.

  2. These pictures are so nice, lovely outfit!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. What a cute cafe! So you got to work at a local antique shop? Sounds like my dream job!


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