Saturday, July 31, 2010

Daytrip with mom.

This morning me and my mom went to see an art exhibition, paintings and sculptures by Alma Pääkkönen (1908-1988). Those paintings weren't actually "my taste", but there were some very interesting pieces of art I liked a lot. This art exhibition was situated in her atelierhome, and around it was really beautiful milieu.

I liked how colourful her paintings were ! She really wasn't afraid of using colours.

This huge wallpainting was one of my favourites.

.. and this one was nice too.

This one caught my eye immediately. So beautiful drawing !

My outfit.

Golden fields.

After visiting the art exhibition we drove to our summerhouse and we picked some strawperries and raspberries from our garden (: Yummy!

... Hmm, only 2 weeks until school starts.. I don't know am I happy or unhappy because of that. Weird, usually I am full of joy when I realise that school starts soon...


  1. great pix! so cool that the museum is in her house, and i love the pic of the bike.

  2. These are such nice pictures, I love your hat!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. Ihania kuvia! ^^ Ja sun päivän asu on tosi kiva :) ~Anni

  4. such lovely photos. Makes me long for a summer house away from the hustle of the city :)

  5. Lovely photos, the place where that exhibition was looked so pretty! The bike photo is beautiful as well :)

  6. Sara, I just LOVE your outfit! LOVE it! You are also taking some great photos. Really like all the landscape shots. I hope you enjoy your last two weeks of summer.

    I want to interview you for my blog. Interested? Email me if you are, sweetie!

  7. Caroline: Thank you :)

    Bella Q: Thank you, and I hope so too! :) And ohh I would be honoured to be in your interview!


  8. such amazing outfit! girlish and stylish at the same time... you took such fantastic photos as well... thanks for sharing!

  9. Bella Q: I accidentally rejected one comment you posted :SS but I THANK YOU for that blog award! :) I am really amazed!

    Martwa Marta: Thank you :)



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