Sunday, July 4, 2010

"Cat. Bunny! POST!" ... It was our "Grape party" yesterday!

I had a grill party with my friends yesterday. We had a laugh, we ate a lot, we listened some Neil Sedaka, and then we headed to town to have some more fun.

We made some grape drink, there was grape limonade, strawperry juice and as you can see, grapes and strawperries in it :D It was refreshing.

Grape girls 8D (Me, Reija, Sylvia, Marika and Kata)


Rakel Linnanheimo and Kaarlo Oksanen (pic from here)

Oh, and by the way, I went to watch that old movie Laulu tulipunaisesta kukasta to cinema today, I had some other plans on friday so I checked it out today. It was so good movie, well, what can you expect when a movie is directed by Teuvo Tulio? And I have to say, that it was weird to see actress Rakel Linnanheimo for the first time ever, because she was like a clone of her sister Regina. It was just so weird. I am so happy that I have now seen an old movie from a real silver screen, it was exciting moment and of course one thing I have always wanted to experience!

And I can't wait for september! Our lovely cinema will show an old finnish silent film Murtovarkaus (1926) with real background music! Quess how excited I am?


Sorry for lack of posts, I've been lazy and just chilling in the sunlight and I have not much cool stuff to do on holidays every day.. :/

But you guys, have a great week and enjoy the heatness (if you can!)

... I just wish it was autumn already... :D


  1. love your blog so much! you are very inspiring, i'm adding you on bloglovin' as soon as possible.:)

  2. Thank you, Dabhne! :) -Sara

  3. It does look refreshing! I know, I can't wait for autumn now, except that that's when school starts again...

  4. Yeah :D though I am waiting for school to start too :D

  5. Looks like a lovely time. I like the pic where you're sipping your punch and smiling. I can imagine that you are trying to ignore the camera, but can't. Happy summer to you. Hope you are enjoying the chill time.

  6. Yeah, I was trying to avoid the camera. Somehow and sometimes I get shy when someone takes a pic of me :D Marvellous summer to you too! -Sara


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