Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4 hours walk in high heels. N I C E . . .

I did "a little" walk with Laura. We both had high heels, and we walked 4 hours around Bomba, Hyvärilä and we went to play to our former elementary school yard. It was fun but now my legs are killing me... We took lots of pictures ... so this post is raped with photos :D

We saw these awesome creations, made of sand. If you look at that shark creation closely, you can see a rubber boot :D It was hilarous detail.

This one was very interesting. Like a puzzle.

By the way, I love my new sandals! They are from Nappas-Kenkä, only €20 :D
This little road leads to our former elementary school.


Doors were locked :(

Road away from school yard..

It's me on school road.

"Children on the road" .. Not anymore, school's closed forever.. :(

Next week I start my work in local antique boutique, "Unelmien Ullakko", it is gonna be great. There's also flea market and cafe.

I should start doing my two huge school essays this week.. I wish I had more time! My days fly while playing billiard, surfing in the net, hanging out with friends and eating. I should concenntrate on school but I can't. It is difficult to do school works during summer holidays..

But you, have a great day and drink a lot of cold limonade!


  1. These photos are absolutely beautiful, they have such a dreamy, summery feel to them! I love your shirt too, it's so cute!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. oooh love photos that tells a story! you're cute! love your hair and blouse!

  3. Owh wow, 4 hours of heels must of hurt! But it looks like your summer is turning out great, good to hear that :D

    classique chérie

  4. Carys: Thank you (:

    Fabiola: Thank you! I'm glad to hear that :)

    Nina: Yeah, it totally was a bit painful experience in the end :D Thanks for your comment!


  5. How fun this little adventure looks, and you all smart and grown up in your heels, ha ah. What great pics. The best is the closeup of you and your BFF. And the sand-shark.

  6. Bella Q: Yeah, I was so ADULT when we were playing in school yard :'D Laura is my BFF, yes, and she's my big sister too (:: -Sara

  7. Cute pix. I love seeing your old school, too. Traveling is something I do rarely lately, so seeing Finland in a personal light is really intriguing. Thanks!


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