Saturday, July 31, 2010

Daytrip with mom.

This morning me and my mom went to see an art exhibition, paintings and sculptures by Alma Pääkkönen (1908-1988). Those paintings weren't actually "my taste", but there were some very interesting pieces of art I liked a lot. This art exhibition was situated in her atelierhome, and around it was really beautiful milieu.

I liked how colourful her paintings were ! She really wasn't afraid of using colours.

This huge wallpainting was one of my favourites.

.. and this one was nice too.

This one caught my eye immediately. So beautiful drawing !

My outfit.

Golden fields.

After visiting the art exhibition we drove to our summerhouse and we picked some strawperries and raspberries from our garden (: Yummy!

... Hmm, only 2 weeks until school starts.. I don't know am I happy or unhappy because of that. Weird, usually I am full of joy when I realise that school starts soon...

Friday, July 30, 2010

"Strawperries cherries and an angel´s kiss in spring.."

This day me and my mom and my sis Laura went to Asemakahvila (cafe) and visited flea market, where I did couple of great finds. I will introduce my finds later. Asemakahvila is the best local cafe in Nurmes, I love its decoration a lot and there are the best cakes I've ever tasted.

It used to be trainstations building where you can buy your tickets but now there's this awesome cafe and couple of little boutiques.

White/Dark chocolate cake with raspberries and some pineapple limonade. Yum!


My outfit today. I bought that dotty skirt from second hand shop Kristalli (€1). It's cute but it is deadly on windy weather... Girls, you know what I mean.. :D

Last monday was my final working day. I worked two weeks in a local antique boutique (where's cafe and flea market too) and it was so fun! I enjoyed the milieu and I discovered that washing dishes really isn't that bad work. Now I am delighted because I have lots of money to spent on clothes and other stuff.

Did/do you guys have a summer job?

Well, have a nice day and remember to drink a lot of water !

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hey, I'm back!

FINALLY our computer is okay now, and I can make a new post with lots of photos from Suloklubi and couple of outfits and new finds. And one of my favourite rap artist Asa was performing in Nurmes 8.7. and I was very excited. He's very talented, and his voice is different to others.

While walking home from Asa's gig I saw this stunning sundown!


So, I was in Suloklubi (Ilosaarirock) in Joensuu, 16.7. with Marika and his bf, and it was so much fun! I've never been in any rock festival before, and I think this won't be the last one, I had fun singing along with Chisu and other great artists.

Mariska & Pahat Sudet. I like her dress a lot! By the way, during one song there was a burlesque performance by Miss Sugar Kane :D

Herra Ylppö & Ihmiset.

Chisu! She's fabulous and very popular in Finland !

Samuli Putro! I liked the whole gig a lot, although I've never heard about this before.




New hat! From flea market, €1,5

I found these cute anchor earrings from JC, €3,90. I've always wanted some anchor earrings :)


Ruffle shirt from H&M, €19,90. I love it!


New hat from Kristalli, €3. I adooore this, right now my favourite :D

We were very excited with Laura when we found these kind of coca cola glassbottles from market. Very nostalgic, there haven't been glassbottles for ages. And now I don't even want to drink it! It looks so nice, decoration element :D



Saturday, July 10, 2010

Houston, we have a Problem.

Okey, there's a huge problem in our computer (right now I'm on my dad's worklaptop).. I can't do any posts because of it. So I am sorry about that. We are trying to fix it, I hope it gets well again...

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I am so excited! Finnish singer Maria Lund is coming to Nurmes on september. I have been waiting for this so long time! Maria is my style-icon and some says she's finnish version of Dita von Teese. Her voice is fantastic and it reminds me of finnish lady singers of 50's and 60's. Maria Lund is fabulous! Although the tickets to see her are almost €20, I will definitely pay for it. She's worth it!

She will be part of moviefestivals of Nurmes, and she'll sing in the last concert. I am happily waiting for it!

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