Sunday, June 27, 2010

What a Midsummer. And I saw Kake the Mighty, yay :D

I forgot to take pictures on Midsummer's Eve, two days ago. It was fun evening. Awesome friends and those awesomely retarded (funny) things we talked about. I got bitten... by mosquitoes.. a lot.

And I didn't feel great yesterday morning, I was like a zombie. But in the evening I felt better. I went to see marvellous Kake Randelin with couple of friends, he performed in Kajasteen lava, in Nurmes. And oh boy he was so great!

He sings schlager ("iskelmä") and he was very popular in the 80's. And I think he still is, of course, because he is Kake the Mighty! Hah, I felt myself like "a fangirl", when I saw him coming to the stage and especially when he sang a song "Nasta pimu"! And I even got few eyewinks from him, and again I was like melting ice.


I am sorry I don't have anything else to say to you about my Midsummer's Eve. And no photos as I promised.
I should go and concentrate on my school works. School works on summer holidays.. very fair.


  1. That sounds like fun. Is he a finish singer I'm guessing?


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