Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer photos and taking a walk with Laura!

Hahaha we just took a little walk and photos of ourselves. It was fun! And we saw a huge worm which was as long as Lauras shoe! It was disgusting creature.

I am so gonna get some pettycoat underneath that skirt! My mom promised me that she'll make a tulle pettycoat, I hope she keeps it :D I want real bellshaped skirt :D

Blue straw hat - Kristalli, €5 (2nd hand)
White blouse - My mother bought it few years ago
Floral scarf - My mom's
Blue floral skirt - Kristalli, €4 (2nd hand)
Black gloves - Uusiotori, €0,50 (2nd hand)
White socks - I dunno
Shoes - "Stolen" from my mom :D

Windy weather.


Oh my, tomorrow is the last schoolday before spring fete. We have tomorrow on our program a church, then some basketball and football between the first and second year students, and then lunch, and then we are free to leave and prepare to next days fete. I actually have a chance to visit both spring fetes, I mean my high schools fete and my former elementarys fete, which I mentioned earlier. I am happy! :)


Polite comments make my day!

Go raibh maith agat!

Yours sincerely,
Sara Kristiina

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