Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New finds!

I did some finds today from Kristalli and Löytökulma!

I couldn't resist buying this straw hat with scottich check ribbon. From Löytökulma, €4,5. Yes, I am crazy about straw hats and everything where's scottish check print, so I dropped my eyes and then my whole face when I saw this hanging on the wall :D


Skirt from Kristalli, €4. I am not very excited about that colour but still I had to have it :D


And finally I found white gloves! I had never seen before these kind of gloves in Kristalli so I was very amazed when I saw this pretty pair there :D I have been looking for white gloves for a while but they have always been too expensive to me.. So now I am happy, this pair costed only €2!


Oh and yes, the last spring fete in Lehtovaaras elementary school was very moving on 5th june. I cried all the time, immediately I felt some tears in my eyes when I walked inside the school building. I have so many great memories and I got so many amazing friends that I will never forget that school.

Rest in peace ...


After that spring fete I had enough time to go to my own school's springfete, so I wasn't late from there. Later we celebrated our first evening of summer holidays and we had so much fun with my best friend Marika and some random pals :D

Next spring fete will be very moving and I will cry my face off, because my class will have our graduation cap and we have to say good-byes to the classmates, the teachers and the school building..

Right now I am a bit sick, and I have to read history. I have an exam on monday. Yes, exams on summer holidays.. Harsh. :D


  1. Love the white gloves! Good luck with your exam by the way! xxxxxxx

  2. Thank you, I believe I will need some luck :D -Sara

  3. Ihania ostoksia,jälleen kerran! ^^
    Sä löydät kyl kaikkee kivaa aina kirppareilta!:D
    Mä näin sut muuten sillon maanantaina, mut en sit ollu varma katoitko sinne suuntaan mis mä olin, nii en viitiny moikata XD ~Anni

  4. Anni: Kiitti! :D Joo mäki kyl näin sut, olit siin kahviossa töissä? Hehee en mäkää viittiny moikata, mut ehk ens kerralla sitä uskaltais hahaha :D

    Miss Madeline: Thanks! :)


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