Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I feel like dancing - in a floral field.

I really need to dance right now. I am listening my vinyl, full of 80's hit music, and those songs make me want to dance. I need a party with lots of friends and good drinks and snacks. Well, luckily my gooood friend Emmi just came from South-Africa (she spent a year as an exchange student!), and we will organise a good party to her. Welcome home my friend, I missed you <3

This is what I am going to wear in that party.
Blue dress - Vero Moda, only €5! (There's something 80's in it :)
Little black purse - Flea market, €2
Headband - Tokmanni, €4,95


I am busy this summer. I want to meet my friends every day but I should study and do two huge essays.. Not nice. But yeah, here's stuff I bought today:

Electric blue hat - Kristalli (2nd hand), only €1!


Long skirt with amazing print (I will make this shorter) - Kristalli (2nd hand), €4


Couple of vintage postcards - Tokmanni, €1,20/card



Floral dress - Kristalli (2nd hand), €5
Cardigan - flea market
Straw hat - flea market, €5
 Black belt - Vero Moda, €12,95


  1. Your outfit is beautiful, and you have wonderful hats!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. Ihania ostoksia! *__* Ton pitkän paidan printti on kyl hieno :) ~Anni

  3. Lovely finds once again :D Great postcards, hah! xxxxx

  4. Kiiitos :)) Thank you !

    Anni: Mmm? mikä paita :D


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