Sunday, June 27, 2010

What a Midsummer. And I saw Kake the Mighty, yay :D

I forgot to take pictures on Midsummer's Eve, two days ago. It was fun evening. Awesome friends and those awesomely retarded (funny) things we talked about. I got bitten... by mosquitoes.. a lot.

And I didn't feel great yesterday morning, I was like a zombie. But in the evening I felt better. I went to see marvellous Kake Randelin with couple of friends, he performed in Kajasteen lava, in Nurmes. And oh boy he was so great!

He sings schlager ("iskelmä") and he was very popular in the 80's. And I think he still is, of course, because he is Kake the Mighty! Hah, I felt myself like "a fangirl", when I saw him coming to the stage and especially when he sang a song "Nasta pimu"! And I even got few eyewinks from him, and again I was like melting ice.


I am sorry I don't have anything else to say to you about my Midsummer's Eve. And no photos as I promised.
I should go and concentrate on my school works. School works on summer holidays.. very fair.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Outfitpost from today!

This is what I wore today in Lieksa:

Blue hat - 2nd hand
Black cardigan - 2nd hand
Blouse - 2nd hand
Skirt - 2nd hand
Stockings - Tokmanni
Black belt - Vero Moda
Earrings - Iltatori, 2nd hand, €2,5

Have a nice day !

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I feel like dancing - in a floral field.

I really need to dance right now. I am listening my vinyl, full of 80's hit music, and those songs make me want to dance. I need a party with lots of friends and good drinks and snacks. Well, luckily my gooood friend Emmi just came from South-Africa (she spent a year as an exchange student!), and we will organise a good party to her. Welcome home my friend, I missed you <3

This is what I am going to wear in that party.
Blue dress - Vero Moda, only €5! (There's something 80's in it :)
Little black purse - Flea market, €2
Headband - Tokmanni, €4,95


I am busy this summer. I want to meet my friends every day but I should study and do two huge essays.. Not nice. But yeah, here's stuff I bought today:

Electric blue hat - Kristalli (2nd hand), only €1!


Long skirt with amazing print (I will make this shorter) - Kristalli (2nd hand), €4


Couple of vintage postcards - Tokmanni, €1,20/card



Floral dress - Kristalli (2nd hand), €5
Cardigan - flea market
Straw hat - flea market, €5
 Black belt - Vero Moda, €12,95

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Visiting Joensuu and its flea markets!

Blouse - from my mom
Black cardigan - Kristalli (2nd hand)
Blue whitestriped skirt - Uusiotori (2nd hand)
Basker - Löytökulma (flea market)
Bag - from my mom

We drove early this morning to Joensuu with my mother and my big sister Laura. I was so tired (and I still am) because I was out with my best friend last night.. And it was super duper fun night, thank you Marika!<3 But yeah, I did great finds from Joensuu!

Grey Jacket, from Joen Jättikirppis (flea market), €4


Fur shawl (<3), from flea market, €1,90


Grey skirt, from Joen Jättikirppis, €0,5


Blue/Red dotty ruffleblouse with red belt, from Punaisen Ristin Kontti (2nd hand), €4


Straw hat, from Valintakirppis (flea market), €5


Old wooden chair, 2nd hand, €15. I needed new chair and this was fabulous one! So I had to get it :D


And here's some stuff I found from Nurmes couple of days ago!

Cute floral dress, from Löytökulma (flea market), €8, I love it!


Little black purse, Löytökulma, €2


This was great find! These all Jane Austens books (Pride and Prejudice, Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park, Sense and Sensibility), €1 per book! So only €4, so cheap! And these are in english. :) And by the way, these contains 100% recycled paper!

Have a great day :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New finds!

I did some finds today from Kristalli and Löytökulma!

I couldn't resist buying this straw hat with scottich check ribbon. From Löytökulma, €4,5. Yes, I am crazy about straw hats and everything where's scottish check print, so I dropped my eyes and then my whole face when I saw this hanging on the wall :D


Skirt from Kristalli, €4. I am not very excited about that colour but still I had to have it :D


And finally I found white gloves! I had never seen before these kind of gloves in Kristalli so I was very amazed when I saw this pretty pair there :D I have been looking for white gloves for a while but they have always been too expensive to me.. So now I am happy, this pair costed only €2!


Oh and yes, the last spring fete in Lehtovaaras elementary school was very moving on 5th june. I cried all the time, immediately I felt some tears in my eyes when I walked inside the school building. I have so many great memories and I got so many amazing friends that I will never forget that school.

Rest in peace ...


After that spring fete I had enough time to go to my own school's springfete, so I wasn't late from there. Later we celebrated our first evening of summer holidays and we had so much fun with my best friend Marika and some random pals :D

Next spring fete will be very moving and I will cry my face off, because my class will have our graduation cap and we have to say good-byes to the classmates, the teachers and the school building..

Right now I am a bit sick, and I have to read history. I have an exam on monday. Yes, exams on summer holidays.. Harsh. :D

Friday, June 4, 2010


I bought new blouse day before yesterday, it is so romantic and cute. I bought it from Kristalli and it costed only €2! (!!)

And I will take plenty of photos tomorrow of my dear former elementary school, before its "funeral" ...
:( Rest in peace, Lehtovaaran ala-aste <3

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer photos and taking a walk with Laura!

Hahaha we just took a little walk and photos of ourselves. It was fun! And we saw a huge worm which was as long as Lauras shoe! It was disgusting creature.

I am so gonna get some pettycoat underneath that skirt! My mom promised me that she'll make a tulle pettycoat, I hope she keeps it :D I want real bellshaped skirt :D

Blue straw hat - Kristalli, €5 (2nd hand)
White blouse - My mother bought it few years ago
Floral scarf - My mom's
Blue floral skirt - Kristalli, €4 (2nd hand)
Black gloves - Uusiotori, €0,50 (2nd hand)
White socks - I dunno
Shoes - "Stolen" from my mom :D

Windy weather.


Oh my, tomorrow is the last schoolday before spring fete. We have tomorrow on our program a church, then some basketball and football between the first and second year students, and then lunch, and then we are free to leave and prepare to next days fete. I actually have a chance to visit both spring fetes, I mean my high schools fete and my former elementarys fete, which I mentioned earlier. I am happy! :)
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