Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tribute to Lea Joutseno, a stunning lady and comedian

I am crazy about Lea Joutseno. She was finnish actress and I think she's still one of the best actresses ever in Finland! I just love her cheerfullness and she was so beautiful and sassy. And especially in comedymovies her acting skills are golden. Even if she speaks a word in a comedy, she makes me laugh.

I watched today a finnish movie called "Hopeakihlajaiset" from 1942. It was not my favourite one, but because of Lea Joutseno, it gets quite good points. Her role was not very funny, actually I didn't see her smile very much, which was a shame, I adore her smile. But still, she made clear that she can be comedian and also in melancholic role.

Lea Joutseno and Pentti Saares

Liisa Tuomi

I'll never get enough of her glamorous eyes!

Paavo Jännes and Lea

Paavo Jännes. His character was disgusting old man but he was quite charming in his captains hat.

Handsome Tapio Nurkka. He and Lea Joutseno are awesome pair in movies :D

Pentti Saares and Tapio Nurkka

This is the last scene the movie ended with. So weird, Lea Joutsenos character Raili and that old man, whose son (Tapio Nurkka) will marry Raili in this movie, are kissing.... So weird ending! Usually the movie ends with the happy couple kissing, but this.. so weird! I have to say it 3rd time. WEIRD :D

But Lea was amazing actress. And the day after tomorrow there's coming another movie with Lea and Tapio! Can't wait! Especially when it's directed by talented Valentin Vaala.


  1. Beautiful pictures, I really want to see this film!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. Wow, what an amazing face... and I love her hair!


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