Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Toivelauluja -61

I just watched finnish musicmovie, "Toivelauluja" from -61. It was adorable! There was so much dancing scenes (especially ballet!) and singing, few my favourite songs I heard too. And of course I loved the cast: Pirkko Mannola, Leif Wager, Tapio Rautavaara and irja Rannikko, and many more. It was very cheerful. A bit odd plot but still...

This movie tells about one evening, and what happens to some people. There is this songbook, and Pirkkos character's mom throws it through the window, and in the end it somehow finds a way back to Pirkko, through very many hands, and every maincharacter stops to look at it and finds there some song that reminds them of their past or bring back some other memories, and there's lots of dancing and singing. It is complicated plot but still cute :)

Pirkko Mannola and Esko Salminen

Irina Kugler

And there's that songbook!

Damn I don't know what her name is in real life. She was stunning, and so was her clothes!

Leif Wager with some ladies!

Leif Wager dancing. He is so awesome :D

Leif Wager

Tapio Rautavaaras character when he was young

Tapio Rautavaara as an old man

Tapios characters' car was fabulous :D

Esko Salminen and Pirkko Mannola
(He has the songbook between his teeth :D)

Some songscenes from this movie :)

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  1. Laurie in BaltimoreMay 28, 2011 at 4:55 PM

    Love this movie !!!


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