Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer is bohemian time.

I found maybe one year ago a CD from flea market, full of scottish folk songs, and it only costed €0,50! I have always loved scottish and irish folk music, especially bagpipes and flutes. Ireland is my passion and my dream. I love the nature, amazing green hills, skerries and pubs ... and the culture itself!

My dream is to live in a small cottage in irish countryside, with hens, goats, and other animals. In that cottage I'd live, write, paint and raise my own vegetables It would be so heavenly. I am just so into Ireland (and Great Britain), that I have made almost all my essays about Ireland. This summer I have to make to huge essays in history and in geography, and I am making my history essay about celtic culture and my geography essay about Ireland, as always.

Last summer I felt amazing and I just wanted to be free and move to countryside as a loner. My style changed, I listened only celtic inspired music (Omnia, Faun, Enya...) and I just wrote. I felt so magical when I stayed awake very late, and watched first when the sun went down and then few hours later I watched the sun rising... I loved the sky, and morning dew. I almost every night went to sleep at 4-7am, and woke up when the clock was 2pm. I will never forget last summer. I was so inspired to write and DREAM! And I believed that all my dreams will become true some day.

My style was very bohemian and maybe a bit elf-looking, some may say medieval too. I believe that my style will turn back to bohemian when my summer holidays starts. But it will turn back to vintage inspired when school starts :D I feel free in long earthcoloured skirts! Every summer I just feel so magical, I just want to walk around in forests and pick flowers, feel the summer rain in my skin and freedom in my soul... It is such an amazing feeling.

Some of my outfits from last summer:


  1. I always feel like that in the summer!! I bought two hippy dresses recently, it's all I can do to wear anything else!
    Sounds like such an amazing summer you had!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. Nice to hear that I am not the only one! :)
    I really had the most amazing summer, ad I hope it will be as great this summer :)

  3. So sweet, very elfin but with a touch of the gothic!


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