Friday, May 28, 2010

100th post !! New layout and outfit and pizza med Laura!

Straw hat - Löytökulma (flea market)
Shirt - from Laura
Skirt - Made by Laura
Stockings - Tokmanni

I create a new layout, because I got bored to the old one, and this one is 100th post! I drew that header myself, and yes, I am not very good at draw, but because my sister Laura didn't want to help me, so I had to do it without her. Still I like this new layout, and I hope you, my dear readers like it too :) It is still autumnal, I think.

Yesterday I wore my new shirt which I got from Laura, it is so cute! Although sometimes looks like I'd be pregnant, what I'm not, but still. It is so summery and darling. And so romantic!


I love very much quill pens! Although I am not very good at writing with it.. But I'll learn!

My wardrope <3


Me and Laura made yesterday some pizza. We listened 80's music, like Rick Astley and Madonna! Funny thing is, that we had a bit different opinions of how to make pizza, so we argued about that but luckily we succeeded to make pizza we both liked. Well, I don't know was it that good, but still..

I am not pregnant! :D Stupid shirt.. but so cute!

Our pizza looks weird. But it tastes good! I use in my pizza; ketchup, minced meat, pineapple, cheese and some pizza spice. And I just don't like any other pizza than with these ingredients! Although in Italy I did eat some margherita pizza, but it wasn't the most delicious experience in my life...


  1. You are such a doll! Love the top on you and you don't look pregnant in the blouse AT ALL. You look adorable with the blue color, the butterfly sleeves and the hat!
    I love margherita pizza, by the way. Not sure if I'm brave enough to try yours with the ketchup, lol.

  2. Thanks :D

    Well, yeah I believe that :D I know many people who use ketchup in pizza, but they are all finnish :D And I don't use it very much, actually I don't even like ketchup, but it is just an ingredient I've used to my pizza my whole life :D

  3. Love the new layout, and those dresses are beautiful!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. Awww that top is very pretty! Like the new boarder, the leaves are sweet :D xxxxxx


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