Monday, May 10, 2010

It's all about school.. SCHOOL school SCHOOL!

I have to do two essays for tomorrow. One in swedish and one in french. And I am lost, I have no idea what to write. I know the titles but still, I just don't know how to tell about those things, I have no idea how to tell about that in finnish either :D So ... I am in a big trouble if I don't return that french essay for tomorrow, it should have been done for friday, but I didn't do it so my teacher gave me more time.. And I still haven't done it! So, I am not very happy about my motivation ...

But I am veeery happy that during this week summer will arrive! I just read from the papers that maybe on friday here may be over +20 degrees! I am so happy, I can't wait!


Blouse - My mom bought this
Redstriped sweater - Valintakirppis (flea market)
Skirt - my big sis made
Dotty stockings - Tokmanni
Heart brooch - Got it from my big sis
Tie - My grandpas old
Cap - I don't remember!

Ps: I don't write this blog anymore in finnish. It takes too much time and space to write these texts in two languages :D But if someone wants me to carry on with finnish/english, then of course I will. And I will "renovate" my blogs' layout when I'm done with the schoolwork :)


  1. Mua ei haittaa vaikka et enää kirjoittaisikaan suomeksi! Hyvää harjotusta tekee vaa mullekki ku lukee enkuksi! :D Hieno päivän asu!^^ ~Anni

  2. Jes, hyvä tietää! :D
    ja kiitush!


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